Diving has been our passion for years. We have each developed our own diving path in Finland and abroad until we ended up working together. Our diving community has become a family, and new divers - both beginners and more experienced - are welcome to learn and practice diving.


Our courses are up to standard and customer safety is paramount to us. We strive to take everyone’s needs and desires into account so that diving is a positively memorable experience for everyone, without compromising on safety.


A relaxed atmosphere is important to us. At Arctic Divers Dive Center, we make sure no one is pressured into the water and we understand that everyone is learning at their own individual pace. We want to teach our customers, given their limits - and move forward together to experience success.


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We are united by our love of water and the underwater world.

We bring together people who share an interest in the sport, from beginners to experienced enthusiasts.

We offer high-quality training, equipment maintenance and rental, as well as other activities related to diving, and we organize joint diving camps and trips both in Finland and abroad


  1. Diving is a hobby that requires the necessary skills and constant training. Through the diving courses or experiments we offer, we ensure that it is safe to be in the water, under the constant supervision of trainers. Never dive alone!
  2. Only come diving if your state of health allows it. However, we always make sure of this before diving with a questionnaire. You must not dive while ill!
  3. The Arctic Divers Dive Center takes good care of hygiene. The equipment is properly cleaned after each use.
  4. Swimming skills are not essential if you wish to try diving. However, swimming skills are required to complete the course.
  5. Feel free to contact our trainers if you have any questions. There are no stupid questions!